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Limited Size, Unlimited Features

Color Doppler Veterinary
Diagnostic Ultrasound System

A combination of exceptional image quality and convenient workflow, E2V makes scanning easy for every veterinarian. Thanks to its comprehensive features and technologies, this compact model caters to every type of exam. Specialty presets and exam modes help to provide care for all types of animals, to let you work with
confidence under any condition.

Dynamic Multi-Beam Imaging
Provides excellent images without sacrificing temporal resolution

Spatial Compound Imaging
Optimizes images of different angles

Widescan for both linear and convex probes
Presents a wider view of the image with one click

Real-Time Panoramic Image
Locates lesions or interested areas more easily

Vis-Needle Technology
Shows needle tips for biopsy efficiency improvement

Continuous Wave Doppler
Offers more information for heart function evaluation